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ADL/SCN Webinar on Anti-Semitism Today and Best Practices for Community Security - Shared screen with speaker view
Richie Greenberg
Shalom from RIchie Greenberg in San Francisco
Avi Halzel
I have my audio all the way up and am having trouble hearing. Is everyone elses audio ok?
Scott Arnold
Use the dial in phone number for audio, it works better.
Avi Halzel
Chuck Amital
I’m hoping that you’ll follow up by sending out the slides to attendees. Thanks!
DAvid Zuckerman
On the Security Practices priority list should not contacting LE be on the priority list? Obviously the other options come first...
earl agron
It would be helpful to those professional security experts responsible for synagogue security to receive a briefing (or report) on lessons learned concerning Poway and Pittsburgh horrific events. This could be done through local ADL offices who know who the key people are who need such information. Is this possible?
Aki Fleshler
Incredibly, some of us need some help to convince synagogue **rabbinic** leadership thatthreat to synagogues is increasing, and worth some sacrifice of "friendly welcoming" culture.Access control to main entrance in particular is a very sensitive topic.What help can you offer?
Patrick Daly
Victoria, do you have the ability to capture chat/Q&A questions for written follow up? Oren and I were just chatting about that.
Victoria Soler
Thank you for submitting your questions. All questions that are not answered on this call will be followed up with as I am capturing them. The recording of this call will be sent to all meeting participants. Thank you for joining us!
Jerome Becker
thank you for this very important discussion!
Aki Fleshler
Thank you, very well done.